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Thursday, 20 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Notice by the Minister for Health
Section 51 (23) (b)—Appointments

TAKE notice that I, Jack Snelling, Minister for Health, pursuant to Section 51 (23) (b) of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, do hereby declare the undermentioned entity as a Public Health Partner Authority:

       •  Kidsafe SA

Dated 17 October 2016.

Jack Snelling, Minister for Health

Thursday, 20 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Section 36 (1)
Voluntary Termination of Retirement Village Scheme

TAKE notice that I, Zoe Bettison, Minister for Ageing, pursuant to Section 36 (1) of the Retirement Villages Act 1987, (the Act), hereby terminate the Opportunity Shop Retirement Village Scheme situated at 12 Murtho Street, Renmark, S.A. 5341 and comprising all of the land and improvements in Certificate of Title Register Book Volume 5467, Folio 187. I do so being satisfied for the purposes of Section 36 (2) of the Act that there were no longer any retirement village residents in occupation. The date of termination was 24 August 2016.

Dated 17 October 2016.

Zoe Bettison, Minister for Ageing

Thursday, 20 October 2016 | Featured Notices

No. 32 of 2016
South Australia—River Murray—Paringa—Bridge Maintenance

MARINERS are advised that the centre fixed span of the Paringa Bridge, River Murray will be closed for navigation to all vessels from 24 October 2016 until 24 November 2016, for essential maintenance of the bridge deck.

    The closed span on the Port side of the River will be indicated by a lit special mark and a buoy line on upstream and downstream sides. The lifting span on the Starboard side of the river will be unaffected by these works.

    Mariners are advised to operate with caution in this vicinity and to use the lifting span to navigate under the bridge.

Adelaide, 12 October 2016.

Stephen Mullighan,
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

DPTI 2016/01670/01

Thursday, 13 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Permit to Undertake Activities within an Aquatic Reserve

    Permit Holder:
      A/Professor Sophie Leterme
      Flinders University
      Sturt Road, Bedford Park, S.A. 5042

    Permit Number:

    Specified Waters:
        Port Noarlunga Reef Aquatic Reserve and Port Noarlunga Reef Shrimp Zone.

PURSUANT to Section 76 and 77 of the Fisheries Management Act 2007, the holder of this permit and her agents may engage in research sampling as part of the completion of Honours and PhD degrees, an activity that will disturb the bed of the waters of the Port Noarlunga Reef Aquatic Reserve and Port Noarlunga Reef Shrimp Zone, subject to the following conditions:


    1. This permit is valid until 29 September 2017, unless otherwise varied or revoked.

    2. A person acting as an agent of the permit holder must possess a copy of a signed letter from the permit holder stating that they are acting as an agent during the permitted activity and carry their identification card issued by Flinders University. Undergraduate students acting as an agent must be accompanied by the permit holder or a current university staff or a current postgraduate student.

    3. The permit holder and agents are permitted to undertake sediment sampling using Eppendorf tubes, collecting organisms through plankton traps and conduct water quality testing. The permit holder and agents must ensure reasonable steps are taken to minimise disturbance of waterbeds and/or animals and plants whilst undertaking the permitted activity.

    4. At least 1 hour before conducting the permitted activity, the permit holder or a person acting as an agent must contact PIRSA Fishwatch on 1800 065 522 and answer a series of questions about the permitted activity. The permit holder or a person acting as an agent will need to have a copy of this permit at the time of making the call, and be able to provide information about the area and time of the permitted activity, the vehicle and/or boats involved, the number of agents undertaking the permitted activity and other related issues.

    5. While engaging in the permitted activity, the permit holder or their agents must be in possession of a copy of this permit. It must be produced to a PIRSA Fisheries Officer if requested.

    6. The permit holder must not contravene or fail to comply with the Fisheries Management Act 2007 or any regulations made under that Act, except where specifically permitted by this notice.

    This permit does not purport to override the provisions or operation of any other Act including, but not limited to, the Marine Parks Act 2007. The permit holder and their agents must comply with any relevant regulations, permits, requirements and directions from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources when undertaking activities within the Encounter Marine Park.

Dated 10 October 2016.

S. Sloan, Director,
Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy

Thursday, 13 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Authorised Officers to Conduct Oral Fluid Analyses

I, GRANT STEVENS, Commissioner of Police, do hereby notify that on and from 30 September 2016, the following persons were authorised by the Commissioner of Police to conduct oral fluid analyses as defined in and for the purposes of the:

       Road Traffic Act 1961;
       Harbors and Navigation Act 1993; and
       Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012.

PD Number

Officer Name


Bailey, Paul Robert


Gallamore, Anna Louise


Gurney, Debra Anne


Hawyes, Matthew


Lademan, Chanelle Marie


Meyer, Kevin James


O’Neil, Mark Daniel


Piercey, Giles Roger James

Grant Stevens, Commissioner of Police

Thursday, 13 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Street Numbering Changes—Magor Road, Port Pirie South

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to Section 220 of the Local Government Act 1999, Council has implemented consecutive street renumbering of properties on Magor Road Port Pirie South, from Una Street on the southern side and Harris Road on the northern side through to Wauchopes Road Port Pirie South.

    Further information on the new street numbering is available at Council’s Administration Centre, 115 Ellen Street, Port Pirie; Council’s website; or call Rate Administrator Ray Van Keulen on (08) 8633 9734.

Dr A. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer

Thursday, 6 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Inspection and Purchase of Annual Report, 2015-16

I, IAN HUNTER, Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, hereby give notice under provisions of Section 7 of the Wilderness Protection Act 1992, that copies of the Annual Report for 2015-16 are available for inspection or purchase at:

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
81-95 Waymouth Street,
Adelaide, S.A. 5000.
Phone: (08) 8463 6923.

Dated 29 September 2016.

Ian Hunter, Minister for Sustainability,
Environment and Conservation

Thursday, 6 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Close of Roll for Supplementary Election

DUE to the resignation of a member of the Council, a supplementary election will be necessary to fill the vacancy of Councillor for Bews Ward.

The voters roll for this supplementary election will close at 5.00 p.m. on Monday, 31 October 2016.

You are entitled to vote in the election if you are on the State electoral roll. If you have recently turned 18 or changed your residential or postal address you must complete an electoral enrolment form, available from post offices or online at

If you are not eligible to enrol on the State electoral roll you may still be entitled to enrol to vote if you own or occupy a property. Contact the Council to find out how.

Nominations to fill the vacancy will open on Thursday, 24 November 2016 and will be received until 12 noon on Thursday, 8 December 2016.

The election will be conducted entirely by post with the return of ballot material to reach the Returning Officer no later than 12 noon on Monday, 30 January 2017.

D. Gully, Returning Officer

Thursday, 6 October 2016 | Featured Notices

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006
Delegation under Section 66 of the Offshore Petroleum and
Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (The Act)

THE JOINT AUTHORITY in respect of the offshore area of the State of South Australia hereby revokes all existing delegations made pursuant to Section 66 of the Act and delegates all its functions and powers under the Act (other than the power to delegate), or under an Act that incorporates the Act, to the following two persons together:

  • the person from time to time performing the duties of General Manager, Offshore Resources Branch, Resources Division, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of the Commonwealth of Australia, as the person representing the Commonwealth Minister; and
  • the person from time to time holding, occupying or performing the duties of the office of Executive Director, Energy Resources Division, Department of State Development, as the person representing the State Minister.

Dated 1 September 2016.

Matthew Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

Dated 25 September 2016.

Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy

Thursday, 29 September 2016 | Featured Notices


TAKE notice that, pursuant to Section 51 of the Land Agents Act 1994 (‘the Act’), I, George Kamencak, Acting Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, do hereby exempt Ms Lissa Patricia Fox from the requirement of Section 8A (b) (ii) of the Act for a conviction for the offence of obtaining financial advantage dated 30 March 2009.

    This exemption applies until 30 March 2019.

Dated 21 September 2016.

G. Kamencak, Acting Commissioner
 for Consumer Affairs.

Ref: 16CBS0181




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